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Supported Living & Community Outreach

This is where people hold their own tenancy, enjoying all the rights and responsibilities that come with it. Our supported living services could be in a shared house or working with people who live on their own – either with 24 hour staffing or with drop in staff. We are able to assist people to find a home of their own by working with a range of local private landlords but we can also work with housing association tenants.


Pathways works with each tenant to develop a support package that will enable them to maximise their independence, maintain their tenancy, budget effectively and enjoy all the benefits of having a home of their own.


Having a relatively high level of need makes no difference. We can provide people with as much support as required, even if that is two staff at a time, all of the time.


The flexibility of our service will ensure that everyone gets the right amount of support to meet their own particular needs.


Community Support

Sometimes called “Outreach”, this is where we provide a bespoke package of support to enable people to get out and about and enjoy life. Our staff work with people from all over Portsmouth, Fareham and Gosport. Support may be as little as two hours a week to go shopping or perhaps to pursue leisure interests or it might be for a few hours every day to assist with other things.


Once again, the key to our service is the flexibility we offer.  Our package will adapt with each person’s evolving needs and to the changes in life choices that we all make. We will always strive to be the best service we can be for each individual we support.


Our pathway of services from 24/7 Registered Care to Community Outreach Support, ensures that we are able to meet any level of need. Talk to us about how we can work together.

Meet The Team



Sue Goodbrand is our Managing Director, overseeing all the services that we provide...

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